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Brick Fundraiser

Townley Family Children's Barn at Endicott Park

November 2020

Townley Family Children's Barn
Endicott Park
Gift Brick Fundraiser
Sponsored by the Friends of Endicott Park, Inc.
Restore the Children's Barn…one brick at a time!

Engraved Bricks brought back by popular demand!

The Friends of Endicott Park are working hard to fund the restoration of the cherished Townley Family Children’s Barn at Endicott Park in Danvers, MA. The exterior is still in need of major renovations to restore this beautiful old structure dating to 1910 that also houses the beloved animals that live at the park. Although some renovations have been completed, there are still many more needed to bring it back to its prime.

Personalizing a brick is a fantastic way to support this project and to commemorate history, or to memorialize or honor someone special in your life. It is the perfect gift for someone who has everything! The bricks cost $100 each and are 4” x 8” multicolored clay, laser inscribed, and epoxy filled to preserve the surface for years to come! Each brick can be printed with up to three lines of text with up to 14 characters per line. The new bricks will join the existing ones and will be used to widen the apron in front of the entrance to the barn. When you sponsor a brick, you are creating a lasting legacy. What a great way to recognize your family and friends, and also support the Danvers community.

We are grateful to everyone for their continued support in this worthwhile endeavor.

Townley Family Children's Barn at Endicott Park

November 2020

You can place your brick order online payable by a credit card or through your PayPal account. You will have a chance to review your order and ensure your brick is customized to your liking before finalizing your order. Please check the Friends of Endicott Park Facebook page for updates regarding when the bricks will be shipped and installed.

Upon completion, we look forward to holding an open house for everyone to see the newly restored Townley Family Children’s Barn! Your tax-deductible contribution will help the Friends of Endicott Park, Inc. continue to provide enrichment opportunities for generations to come.

We are grateful to everyone for their continued support in this worthwhile endeavor.

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The Friends of Endicott Park, Inc. was created in 1995 as a 501c3 charitable organization with emphasis upon educating the general public about the purpose and history of Endicott Park in the Town of Danvers, and promoting accessibility to and appreciation of the park.

Our mission is to support the preservation, conservation and enhancement of this natural, educational and historic resource.

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